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Our Story

The Mistry Method is a performance training system with over a decade of coaching a variety of abilities and sports. We have experience coaching young athletes taking their first steps into the sporting world to elite athletes refining the craft they have developed throughout their career. 


I am Liam Mistry, the creator of the Mistry Method, my involvement in coaching started at a young age with track and field athletes. This informal induction into coaching and helping people achieve their goals built my passion that grew over the past two decades.

I cut my teeth as a professional coach supporting elite athletes at the junior and senior level


Coaching a broad array of sports and abilities gave me scope in successful long-term development giving the athletes we work with the best opportunity for success.


The Mistry Method has supported athletes in a variety of sports like football, rugby, netball and boxing. 

We have half a decade of experience in helping elite athletes prepare for Olympic games and professional campaigns. 


Over the past three years my motivation has been focussed on tying these skills and experience into one system and making them accessible for more athletes. We look to bring a professional approach to coaching, with objective goals and a clear path of progression regardless of age and abilities. It is our passion to motivate our athletes, to develop their confidence in safe, fun and challenging environments. If you are an athlete motivated to make progression in your sport or if you are a coach hoping to find out more about the Mistry Method system, please get in touch with the contact details provided.


Yours sincerely,

Liam Mistry.

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